French Christmas menu

2- Roast chicken with stuffing.

 To continue with the main meal, I choose a traditional meal, a symbol of comfort food that everyone usually enjoys. Christmas is known for its good recipes and is a great time to forget about the summer body.


So, I chose a meal with meat : a roast chicken with stuffing. A classic Christmas recipe in France. You can also choose a capon instead of a chicken, it is more savourous because the meat is fatter.


It is not very difficult to prepare, although you should know that it takes some time to cook in the oven.


No worries ! If you eat vegetarian food, I also thought of a greedy recipe that will pleased you and your guests ! It is right bellow !


Ingredients :

-        A chicken

-        200 g of veal or turkey (a fatter meat)

-        100 g of bacon

-        1 onion

-        1 shallot

-        a clove of garlic

-        200 g of chestnuts

-        75g stale sandwich bread

-        100 ml of milk

-        1 egg

-        Parsley

-        2 cloves

-        Salt and pepper


Steps of the recipe :

1)     Preheat the oven at 210°C.

2)     Peel and chop the onion, the shallot and the garlic.

3)     Soak the sandwich bread into the milk.

4)     Cut the chestnuts roughly into pieces.

5)     Cook the bacon until it turns golden.

6)     Put the bacon and the fatter meat into a mixer with the bread preparation, the onion, the shallot and the garlic. The preparation should not be too thin, you want to feel some pieces.

7)     Stuff the chicken. Put it on a dish, add 10 spoons of water.

8)     Put the chicken in the oven for 3 hours. Every 15 minutes, water the chicken with the sauce created by the water so the meat will not be dry.

9)     Have a good meal !


You can serve with vegetables, chicken and broccoli, chicken and carrots. It is also nice to serve with mashed potatoes or even quinoa. These ingredients are a delight with the chicken sauce. Bon appétit !